A photomicrograph dataset of the Early-Middle Jurassic rocks under thin section in the Tibetan Tethys Himalaya
Han Zhong;Hu Xiumian
Thin sectionPolarized photomicrographTethys HimalayaJurassicCarbonate rocks
The Jurassic is well exposed in the Tethys Himalaya, southern Tibet, China, which is an important area to study the paleo-ocean, paleoenvironmental and paleogeographical evolution of the eastern Tethys. It is also the important carrier to understand the interaction between Gondwana rifting, mid-ocean ridge expansion, large igneous province, and Earth's greenhouse climate. The Lower-Middle Jurassic in Tingri and Nyalam are dominated by carbonate rocks, together with siliciclastic and mixed carbonate-siliciclastic rocks. From bottom to top, they were divided into the Zhamure, Pupuga, and Niexiongla formations. To date, the study of the Jurassic in southern Tibet is poor, and it is still difficult to accurately divide and compare lithologic units at different areas because of tectonic repetition and incompleteness of stratigraphic record. In order to better serve the future research, such as accurate regional stratigraphic comparison, avoiding repeated petrological work, and efficiently using of published results. This data set collected micrographs of 500 thin sections from the Wölong (Tingri) and Nianduo (Nyalam) sections using microscopes at the conditions of single polarized light and orthogonal light, respectively. The details of tectonic setting, paleo-geographic location, sampling sites, stratigraphic age, and rock name of these two sections are present in this data set. It can directly serve basic geological research, greatly improving the efficiency of researchers. At the same time, data integration and application can be performed relying on the deep-time digital earth (DDE) platform to solve major scientific problems on a wider space and time scale. In addition, this data set can also serve prospecting, oil exploration, construction, teaching and popular science.
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Han Zhong;Hu Xiumian.A photomicrograph dataset of the Early-Middle Jurassic rocks under thin section in the Tibetan Tethys Himalaya.DDE Repository.2022-12-12.doi:10.11922/sciencedb.j00001.00033